The Exodus Betrayal

A standalone cyberpunk thriller set 20 years before the events of The Waystations Trilogy.

Cover of 'The Exodus Betrayal' by N. C. Scrimgeour, featuring the silhoutte of a woman above a futuristic city, with a space station in the background
The cybernetics in her head could save a planet. But when the man who put them there turns them against her in a deadly battle of wills, she’ll have to find a way to save herself.

Alvera Renata considers herself the best bounty hunter on New Pallas and with good reason – her cybernetics give her an edge nobody else can match.

So when she’s tasked with investigating the ancient space station that has been silently watching the planet for centuries, there’s not a doubt in her mind that she’s the best woman for the job. As for the risks? Well, they only make things more interesting.

But what Alvera doesn’t realise is by unravelling the station’s secrets, she’ll be forced to confront some of her own. When the same technology that once set her apart threatens to destroy her mind, what starts as a mission for credits and glory soon becomes a fight for survival – not just her own, but that of New Pallas itself.

The Exodus Betrayal is a science fiction thriller with a dash of cyberpunk. Filled with adventure, deception and planet-spanning conspiracies, it’s a perfect read for fans of Altered Carbon, Blade Runner and Deus Ex.

Content Warnings

The Exodus Betrayal is an adult science fiction novel which includes instances of violence, manipulation and abuse. If you would like to prepare yourself for potentially triggering content, please view the full list of content warnings.

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