The Waystations Trilogy

A new space opera trilogy perfect for fans of Mass Effect, The Expanse and Star Wars.

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Book cover of Those Left Behind by N. C.

Those Left Behind

A dying planet. A desperate mission. A crew facing impossible odds. Humanity’s last hope lies with them…

Time is running out for the people of New Pallas. Nobody knows that better than Alvera Renata, a tenacious captain determined to scout past the stars with nothing but a handpicked crew and a promise: to find a new home for humanity.

But when a perilous journey across dark space leads to first contact with a galactic civilisation on the brink of war, Alvera soon realises keeping her word might not be as easy as she thought.

Her only hope lies with the secrets of the ancient alien waystations scattered across the galaxy. The mysterious technology could be the key to humanity’s survival—or bring unwanted attention from the long-forgotten beings who built them.

But remaining united is a lot to ask from a crew already splintering under the weight of their differences. A jaded pilot looks for a place he can start over. A young translator searches for meaning out in the galaxy’s lawless frontier. And Alvera reckons with the aftermath of betrayal as she fights for a way to save them all.

As they break apart to forge their own paths, Alvera and her crew all face the same question: what are they willing to sacrifice to save those left behind?

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Praise for Those Left Behind:

“Scrimgeour has managed to craft an entirely unique and thoroughly engrossing literary macrocosm that will wholly transport readers. […] Complete with power struggles, psychotic family drama, small and large scale ethical dilemmas and vivid intergalactic imagery, Those Left Behind is nothing short of epic.” – Indies Today, ★★★★★

“Intelligently plotted and makes you embrace the impossible […] Those Left Behind has an emotional strain that hooks you in from start to finish.” – Readers’ Favorite, ★★★★

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Cover of 'Those Once Forgotten' by N. C. Scrimgeour, featuring a circular space station above a purple planet half in shadow

Those Once Forgotten

They were a memory once forgotten. For millennia, they waited. Now, they are coming.

The galaxy has been plunged into chaos, left reeling from the trap Alvera Renata triggered around the ancient alien waystations.

As the leaders of the allied systems desperately try to prepare for what might be coming, Ridley and Kojan go on the hunt in search of answers. But the one person who might hold the key—the rogue starship captain who started it all—is missing in action, and her old friends aren’t the only ones looking for her…

Meanwhile, tensions between the Coalition and the Idran-Var are at breaking point in the aftermath of a brutal attack. The only hope for peace may lie in a fragile alliance between Rivus and Niole, old enemies thrown unwillingly onto the same side. But even if they can bury their past, what will it take to overcome the centuries of bloodshed dividing their people?

As the mysterious signal coming from the waystations counts down, only one thing is for certain: something is coming, and if the fractured factions of the galaxy can’t find a way to stand against it together, it may be the end for them all.

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Cover of 'Those Who Resist' by N. C. Scrimgeour, featuring a spaceship battle against an orange planet

Those Who Resist

We are all Idran-Var. We are those who resist.

A dark shadow has fallen across the galaxy. The curators—a hive mind made from the memories of countless past civilisations—have finally returned, ready to finish the experiment they started millions of years ago.

A splintered resistance with a desperate plan is all that stands in the way of utter annihilation. As Alvera Renata and her old crew join forces with former enemies and unlikely allies, all eyes turn to the Omega Gate—a twisted contraption formed of the mysterious waystations. Destroying it might give them a fighting chance against the curators—if they don’t destroy each other first.

To have any hope of succeeding, Alvera and her new alliance will have to overcome old wounds and fresh losses to gather the forces of the galaxy for a final stand. But even in the face of extinction, every disparate faction still has their own agenda, and bringing them together might be more trouble than it’s worth.

As star systems fall and the curators close in, trust hangs by a single thread. Only one truth binds them together now: if they don’t stand united, the galaxy will be lost to all of them. 

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Content Warnings

The Waystations Trilogy is an adult space opera series which includes instances of war, violence and death. If you would like to prepare yourself for potentially triggering content, please view the full list of content warnings.

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