Secrets of Silveckan

Dive deeper into the Sea of Souls Saga with maps, glossaries, and more!

Character art

Black and white digital illustration of selkie character standing by the sea on a beach, with a selkie pelt draped over her shoulders,

A selkie and her pelt by the sea. Art by Sara Ferrari.

Isla and Eimhir from Sea of Souls. Art by Chicca Art.

World maps

Discover the island of Silveckan and its grim capital city, Arburgh.

Glossary and pronunciation guide

  • Isla Blackwood [EYE-lah]
  • Catriona Blackwood [kat-REE-nah]
  • Cormick Blackwood [CORR-mick]
  • Darce Galbraith [DARSS gahl-BRAYTHE]
  • Eimhir [AE-veer – ‘ae’ rhymes with ‘stay’]
  • Finlay [FINN-lay]
  • Lachlan Blackwood [LOCH-linn – soft ‘ch’ sound, known as a voiceless velar fricative]
  • Nathair Quinn [NAH-hir]
  • Nishi [NIH-shee]
  • Adrenian Sea [add-REEN-ee-inn]
  • Arbrugh [ARR-bruh]
  • Breçhon [BRAY-shon]
  • Caolaig [CULL-aeg – ‘ae’ rhymes with ‘stay’]
  • Kinraith [kin-RAYTHE]
  • Silveckan [sill-VECK-an]
  • Vesnia [VEZ-nee-ah]
  • Brollachan [BROLLA-chan – soft ‘ch’] – a shapeless, malevolent spirit that haunts the Wilds seeking unsuspecting bodies to possess
  • Cirein-cròin [KEE-rin CROW-inn] – a legendary sea monster once rumoured to roam the Silvish coast
  • Cù-sìth [coo-SHEE] – a dark, demonic hound found in the Wilds. Legend says those who hear its howl thrice will become paralysed with terror
  • Gun-anam [GOON-ann-AHM] – soulless spirits of slain selkies
  • Kelpie [KELL-pay] – an undead water horse made from salt and spray
  • Selkie [SELL-kay] – a seal shapeshifter which can shed its pelt and take the form of a human
  • Will-o’-the-wisp – a spirit taking the form of a ghostly light, associated with a warning of danger or death. Often rumoured to lead travellers astray
  • Auld [AWL-d] – old
  • Bairn [bay-rne] – a young child
  • Burl [burrl] – to spin around
  • Burr [burr] – common Silvish accent, with rolled ‘r’ sounds
  • Caraid [CARR-itch] – friend
  • Close [cloass – as in ‘close by’] – a small alley or street
  • Dreich [DREE-ch – soft ‘ch’] – dreary, grey weather
  • Firth [firth] – an inlet or estuary leading to the sea
  • Laird [LAY-rd] – lord
  • Loch [soft ‘ch’] – lake or sea inlet
  • Machair [MACH-irr – soft ‘ch’] – a grassy plain
  • Scunnered [SCUNN-nirrd] – irritated, annoyed
  • Samhain [SAH-win] – autumn harvest festival
  • Skerry – [SKERR-ee] – a small, rocky island
  • Sgian dubh [SKEE-an DOO] – a small ceremonial blade or knife
  • Wee [wee] – small
  • Wynd [wine-d] – a small alley or street

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