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Writing Advice Series #2 – Outlining

If I was to give my outlining style a name, I’d probably call it the ripple method. My process starts with an idea; I get something in my head that excites me, something I want to explore and write about.

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Announcing ‘Those Left Behind’

I think it’s finally time I start talking more about my new space opera project, so I’m delighted to announce THOSE LEFT BEHIND, the first instalment of The Waystations Trilogy, will be published this November!

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In defence of ‘soft’ science fiction

Sometimes there’s a tendency when talking about science fiction to assume the default should be ‘hard’ science and that ‘soft’ sci-fi, space opera or science fantasy should be classed as something different.

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Writing Advice Series #1 – Editing

Editing is giving your prose its best chance to shine. It’s where you give your story the care it needs to really come to life. And that’s why, even though it can be a slog, I actually really enjoy the editing process.

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The Exodus Betrayal Q&A

The Exodus Betrayal Author Q&A

A book club recently sent me over some questions to answer about The Exodus Betrayal, so I thought I'd incorporate some of them into this author Q&A and share some of my insights with you all.

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Landscape with tree in the background, from the video game Greedfall

8 Things I Loved About Greedfall

It’s been a long time since I’ve completely fallen in love with a video game like I did with Greedfall. I was honestly not expecting to love this game as much as I did. It ended up becoming one of my favourite games – right up there with the old...

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